Couple-Care And Edible Arrangements

edible arrangements

I feel like self-care is a term that’s floating around like crazy in the wellness world. I’m definitely on board the self-care train, being someone who always put others first and myself last. Self-care is something that should be made a priority. There is so much talk about woman self-care .. bath bombs, face masks, a pedicure. Why don’t we ever talk about self-care as a couple (guess that would be considered “couple-care”)?

I’ve noticed since Robbie and I started living together – which has been the majority of our relationship, self-care as a whole is something we lack. We’re both busy working on our careers and just keeping up with everyday life – sometimes we neglect putting ourselves on the top of our priority list. I believe a lot couples are like this, especially parents but even couples who aren’t. Self-care for us isn’t bath bombs and pedicures.. I mean Robbie does do a face mask with me from time to time 😉

Robbie and I have decided to make it a priority to treat ourselves and take care of ourselves for our own sanity. Whether, this is putting the to-do list aside and laying by the pool with a drink for an hour, going on a hike, going to the gym together, dinner date night, Netflix and relaxing before it’s dark outside, or indulging in some sweets like Edible Arrangements! Literally, any form of spending time together and focusing on each other instead of work, e-mails, social media, and all the other things that distract us from our quality time together.

Honestly, nothing says treat yourself like chocolate covered fruit. Every once in a while, I’ll order Robbie a box (we share so it’s like a gift for myself too 🙂 ) as a surprise and we’ll just have an at home date night with chocolate, some wine and a movie. It doesn’t have to be a birthday, holiday, or anniversary to celebrate each other and indulge in chocolate dipped deliciousness.

chocolate covered fruit

August is National Dipped Fruit Month which means Edible Arrangements is offering 50% off dipped fruit boxes and 20% off dipped fruit cones! If you know another couple who is in need of some “couple-care” send them an Edible Arrangement.. or if you need a little self-love, treat yourself to one! Whether, it’s chocolate dipped fruit or something else you have in mind – I challenge you to show yourself a little self-care this week! 🙂 TREAT YO’SELF!

xoxo Mandi

edible chocolate fruit

couple self care


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