Holiday Gift Guide For Cooking Enthusiasts

The holidays are here! Here’s a little gift guide I put together for those shopping for a cooking/foodie enthusiast in their life! Or just anyone who has a kitchen!

A lot of the items I have listed on this guide I own and I love having! The other items i’ve researched and want or just think they’d be great for anyone who loves to cook/bake/entertain!

*Note-these prices listed may change considering some cyber Monday deals are still active! I’ll try to update them as the week goes on.

Kitchenaid Mixer ($199) – My mom got me one of these for my bridal shower gift! At first, I didn’t even want to register for one because I thought they were super pricey and I didn’t think I would use it much. I was SO wrong.. I use it all the time and it’s amazing for baking. I actually can’t imagine baking without it. There’s also a bunch of fun attachments for them like a juicer, spiralizer, pasta roller, ice cream maker, and much more! The baker enthusiast in your life needs one of these bad boys!

Food Processor ($150) – another amazing kitchen tool I got from my bridal shower! I LOVE this thing. I make so many salad dressings, salsas, sauces, and lot’s of different pestos (recipes coming soon) with this. It’s also great for shredding/chopping veggies. It’s super easy to use as well.

Ninja Blender ($71.99) – I’ve had my ninja blender for years, and absolutely love it! The blade is super powerful. Perfect for smoothie lovers like myself 🙂

Pressure Cooker ($99.95) – This multi-function cooker combines 7 kitchen appliances in 1: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute, yogurt maker and warmer. This cooks things 70% faster than crock-pots..pretty amazing! 

Bar Cart ($113.99 on sale!!) – because cooking and drinking go really good together 😉 I got one just like this at my bridal shower, and it’s my favorite thing in my apartment (I think my husband agrees)! They’re so fun to decorate and super classy looking. You can also make it a coffee cart or record player cart if cocktails aren’t your thing.

Le Creuset Cast Iron French Oven ($129.99) – I haven’t invested in one of these yet, but I’ve heard wonderful things! This one has really good reviews and is on sale!

Agate Stone Cheese Board ($78) – I cannot get over how gorgeous this cheese board is!! This gift is perfect for a hostess/someone who loves to entertain! It comes in different colors too.

Marble Rolling Pin ($29.95) – Love this! I can’t get enough of marble lately, and I know I’m not the only one.

Cookbook ($17.50) – The Love & Lemons cookbook- Perfect for those under 25$ gifts you need!

Gold Measuring Cups ($7.79) – perfect stocking stuffer!

Spiralizer ($29.99) – I know most stores sell the pre-packaged zoodles/veggie noodles now a days but you save a lot of money by making your own! This gift is great for health gurus.

Baking Sheet Set ($14.99) – I have this set and I love it! Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

French Press ($39.99) – I love the quality of french press coffee, and this one is so pretty!

Cheese Knife Set ($16.99) – these would be a great addition to a cheese board gift!

Cast Iron Skillet ($18.99) – comes pre-seasoned! I use mine all the time and love it.




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    Robin Hickman

    I love this!! Awesome!!