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Honey Pear Sage Margaritas

Muddled sage, 100% pear juice, silver tequila, local honey, with a cinnamon rim = your new favorite fall drink!

Honey Pear Sage Splash

I combined my two favorite things – fall and margaritas. I wanted to create a new festive cocktail, specifically for Thanksgiving but also for all season. I didn’t want to use apple or pumpkin spice flavors – because I just feel like there’s enough of those drinks already out there! Everything this time of year is apple or pumpkin spice (I’m guilty of it too) – but pear is so underrated! These drinks are refreshing but cozy as the same time. Definitely don’t skip out on the cinnamon rim, it seriously ties everything together so nicely.

I used 100% pear juice – every store should have this.. it was kind of hard to find but it’s there! I got Central Market brand here at HEB!

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Honey Pear Sage Margaritas



3 shots of tequila

2.5 cups 100% pear juice

1 tbsp honey

ground cinnamon

68 sage leaves


3 thin pear slices (optional)


First make your cinnamon rim by rubbing a little bit of honey on each glass. Add some cinnamon to a plate or cutting board and carefully dip your glasses into the cinnamon so it evenly coats the rim of the glass.

Muddle 1-2 sage leaves in each cup then add a few ice cubes.

In a shaker combine the tequila, pear juice and honey. Shake it up and evenly pour in each glass.

Garnish with a sage leaf in each glass and slice of pear (if you’d like) and enjoy!


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