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All things gut health and digestion – the importance of a healthy gut, what causes a leaky one, and how to fix yours so you feel your best!

I’m sure you’ve heard all about “gut health” if you’re familiar with the wellness space. But there’s a reason for it. You can be doing all the things to get your health in check, but if your gut health is off.. you’re going to feel off. This topic is something that’s been really interesting to me so I’m going to share what I’ve learned and how I’m improving mine.

Some of the biggest signs of poor gut health/ a leaky gut are:
1. bad digestionwe all know what that means
2. bloating – we all get this sometimes, but I mean chronic bloating. Not the bloating after eating a big meal, drinking a beer or PMS. I mean bloating no matter what you consume and feeling 6 months pregnant when you relax your stomach. This is something I’ve been dealing with and how I knew my gut health wasn’t where it needed to be.
3. skin problems
4. Brain fog & fatigue – this is a big one! and personally one of the biggest motivations I have for healing my gut
5. Poor immune system
6. Depression & anxiety

What I’m doing to get my gut health in check!

1. Taking a daily probiotic – I take Silverfern ultimate probiotic. It’s made to restore gut health and help stomach issues. I definitely feel a difference when I don’t take one of these daily.

2. Make sure I’m getting enough fiber by using Silverfern’s Tino™ Natural Prebiotic Fiber supplement – this supplement has 10g of fiber per serving and is easy on my digestive system. Anytime, I feel bloated or my digestion is off I add a heaping scoop to my smoothie, hot tea or water. I love it in my smoothies because you can’t even tell it’s in there. This is something I use about 3-4x a week or if I’m traveling I’ll sometimes use it daily just to keep my gut health and digestion in check. You can even add it to your baked goods! This stuff it a major building block to my improved gut health.

Silverfern Tino Prebiotic

3. Stay hydrated – I feel like this is an obvious one but maybe something we all slack on here and there. Hydration is a huge part of healthy digestion. I try to chug a big glass right when I wake up to kick start my digestive system and then continue to stay hydrated throughout the day. If you’re a coffee lover like me, it’s so easy to get dehydrated so drinking extra water is important. I feel like I can never have enough.

4. Avoiding processed foods – okay no one is perfect with this, I know I’m not. But, eating more whole foods (no, I don’t mean the store lol) and staying away from processed foods as much as possible has been a huge help for me. Our bodies crave real food.

5. Bone broth – bone broth is something I’ve added to my diet about a year ago. You can make your own or get it at almost any store now a days. Not all are created equal (in my opinion) – the more gelatin texture it has, the better. I always throw mine in a sauce pan and cook it with a slow simmer, don’t boil it or it’ll lose it’s nutrients. I add some lemon juice, pink seat salt and fresh cracked pepper. So cozy, savory and delicious. Not only is it great for digestion and an anti-inflammatory but it also has a ton of other health benefits.

6. Exercise and sleep – these go hand in hand! Find a work out you love and stick with it, and I promise this will then help you sleep good 😉 my favorites right now: spin, megaformer pilates, and lifting weights.

7. Cut back on sugar – unfortunately, this a huge culprit to brain fog, fatigue and overall poor digestion. Cut back on refined sugars and it’ll stop feeding the growth of bad bacteria in your gut.

8. Stress less – I know this is easier said than done. Things I’ve been doing to improve my stress; working out when I feel anxiety/stressful coming on, infrared sauna sessions, getting outside, putting my damn phone down.

9. One smoothie a day – one smoothie a day, preferably in the morning does wonders for my digestion. I can load mine up with plant-based protein (click here for the one I use from Silverfern), Tino fiber supplement, leafy greens (usually baby spinach), some frozen blueberries, and chia seeds.

Thank you Silverfern Brand for sponsoring this post!

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