Let’s Talk About CBD

Let’s talk about CBD! All the frequently asked questions like which brand I use, why I take it and how it has improved my life for the better!

All About CBD

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There is SO much information about CBD out there. I’m sure for a lot of people it can seem overwhelming. Which is why I am here to explain all things CBD and answer some of the questions I got asked on my Instagram stories.

First of all, let’s talk about the CBD that I use. A few months ago I started taking Beam. They reached out to me and I said I’d love to try their products. Since there are so many new CBD brands out there – this is a common thing for me. However, I was having a hard time finding a brand of CBD that I really loved and trusted – and that worked for me.


After a couple weeks of using Beam I knew it was the CBD for me. Their product called “the one” which is an oil, is what I use the most! I do half a dropper in the morning in my coffee to take the edge off. Then I take a full dropper before bed. The biggest takeaway for me has been better sleep and of course, relieving my anxiety.

What made me want to try CBD;

Something I have been dealing with A LOT in 2019 has been insomnia and some anxiety. This has been the year of “pressure” for me. I am so happy to finally be getting this blog into a career. But, with that has brought me a lot of pressure. Pressure to meet deadlines, to get new jobs and multiple sources of income, to get my recipes just right, and then the photos perfect to go with them. Pressure to grow on Instagram and get better traffic on here. Can’t forget the perfect caption and well written blog post for SEO. Then when I do photos and recipes for brands I work with – the pressure pushes in even more.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE what I do. I do happy dances weekly knowing I get to do this. But, it’s a lot of work, like most jobs. With that has brought some anxiety. The late nights on the computer have brought me some serious insomnia too. I’m a night owl but working before bed is quite stimulating for my brain.

Blogging is far from the only thing that causes me anxiety. Most of my anxiety has no real reason behind it. Before bed for some reason worst case scenarios bobble through my head. Then I start to think of things I need to get done or forgot to do that day. It hits like a ton of bricks. I know this is a common thing for a lot of people.

CBD has alleviated my anxiety and stress a ton! And although it won’t make you fall asleep – it keeps you asleep. Which was half the battle for me. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and my brain would starting rambling again. I think my lack of sleep was also feeding into my anxiety. It was like a domino effect that I felt was spiraling out of control. Waking up refreshed has been a complete game changer for the foundation of my day.

CBD questions

Now let’s get to the questions:

Q: What is CBD?

A: CBD is short for cannabidiol. It’s a cannabinoid found in hemp plants.

Q: Will I fail a drug test test if I use Beam CBD oil?

A: Nope – there is absolutely no THC in any Beam products. Their products get tested 3 times before selling. It’s important to them because they know people need to get drug-tested and they work with a lot of athletes who get tested and can’t consume THC.
That being said, that doesn’t mean other brands of CBD do not have THC. Just do your research and find a brand that you can trust.

Q: When to use CBD?

A: you can use Beam CBD whenever – since there is no THC you won’t feel anything instantly. I take mine in the morning and before bed.

Q: How to use it?

A: I mostly use the oil. I put half a dropper in my coffee in the morning and a full dropper under my tongue before bed. If using it under the tongue, it’s important to let it sit for 1-2 minutes before swallowing. Beam also has a CBD salve which is great for sore muscles and inflammation. As well as protein bars with organic CBD extract. You can use code Mandi15 for $$ of any Beam products!

Q: What potency do you use?

A: I’ve done the 500 mg and 1000 mg in the oil. I prefer the 1000 mg πŸ™‚ they also have a 1500 mg!

Q: Why do you choose Beam over other brands?

A: I have tried at least 10 other CBD brands. Either they didn’t work for me or gave me weird side effects. Probably because they had some CBD or ingredients that didn’t agree with me. Over everything I use Beam because it WORKS. I realized it worked when I forgot to travel with it (you can fly with it in the US by the way) I definitely felt a difference in my sleep and overall mood.

Q: For the Beam CBD oil do you use natural or mint?

A: I use the mint! πŸ™‚

Q: What are the benefits of CBD?

A: Regulate anxiety, mood, inflammation and pain. Which also leads to better sleep! I wake up feeling more rested when I take CBD before bed. My mom has been having trouble sleeping. Now that she takes it, she said she sleeps like a rock and wakes up feeling great. I think this is the biggest benefit for a lot of people. As well as finding a sense of calm.

I hope this information helps you!

Feel free to e-mail me (dashofmandi@gmail.com) if you have any other questions about CBD or Beam.

CBD oil

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    Thank yoU so much for posting. I take a different brand of cbd oil now, but am looking To try a different brand. I also suffer from anxiety and insomnia…my brAin just wont shut off, every Day at 330am 😫. Im exhausted, which js causing mE more anxiety.
    Fyi, your code Mandi15 is not working, did it expire?

      Amanda Hickman

      Hi LeeAnne,

      I am so sorry you’re dealing with that. It’s so tough to find a brand that works for you. My code “Mandi15” still works. Beam also has these “blends” now. The dream one has magnesium, melatonin and CBD in it. I mix it with warm milk and it tastes like hot cocoa! This helps with falling asleep sleep SO much. I hope you find something to help!!