The Perfect Day With Perfect Bar


Let me just start by saying that I don’t use the word “perfect” lightly. But, a Saturday spent with my dog and husband exploring the outdoors is pretty damn perfect in my opinion. Also, when Perfect Bar is involved things just get a whole lot better.

Living in Austin is awesome for a variety of reasons. But, for starters it’s one of the fastest growing cities with a TON of outdoorsy things to do. The dog friendliness and parks we have here are the two main reasons we love it. When Robbie and I have the day off together we consider the perfect day date; sleeping in (don’t judge us.. we like our sleep), then packing the cooler with some Perfect bars, dog treats, and water and hitting Zilker Park for a picnic with June.

We lay out a big blanket and let June play with other pups while we sit down, relax, and HYDRATE! Austin is incredibly hot this time of year, but it doesn’t stop us from enjoying the outdoors. This is one of the many reasons why we choose Perfect Bar as our picnic snack. They’re kept cold which makes them so enjoyable when it’s 100 plus degrees outside. However, they stay good un-refrigerated for up to a week! So, don’t feel obligated to pack them in a cooler.

My appetite gets super iffy when it’s hot outside, so I need something that will satisfy me without making me feel groggy afterwards. We’ll enjoy our bars, drink our water, and let our dog play for a little bit. Then we pack up the blanket and cooler, put it back in our car and hike the trail that leads to Town Lake. We stop and let June swim in the lake and then continue to power walk through the whole trail loop. Sometimes if we’re feeling really energized, we’ll do two loops. Then it’s a very long walk back to the car. It’s a great way to get a good sweat but we also have fun while we’re doing it. This is definitely something we enjoy doing most here in Austin. The best part is it’s free!

If I don’t eat before our walk, I get hangry and cranky (not fun) half-way through making it through the trail. This intense heat will really get to you if you don’t prepare and get the fuel you need. Perfect Bar not only gives us the fuel we need to conquer our day, but it also tastes amazing. Each bar is made with whole food protein, which is so important whether you’re hiking outside in the heat or going for an intense gym sesh. Our muscles can’t thank us enough for this!

Every bar is made with 20+ superfoods, which is crazy because they taste like pure dessert to me. It’s impressive how they hide all those healthy superfoods and I somehow only taste brownie or peanut butter… but hey, no complaints here. The bars are sweetened with organic honey, which help keep your energy levels high to get you through your day. Whether you’re sitting at the desk exercising your brain or at the gym working out your muscles, this energy is essential for us! They also have vegan flavors that are sweetened with dates. Lastly, they are ALL gluten-free, which means everyone can enjoy them. My favorite flavors are chocolate walnut brownie and dark chocolate chip peanut butter with sea salt. I’m a sucker for chocolate flavored anything. After one bar my sweet tooth is cured.

Protein bars have always been a big part of my diet. I obviously love cooking, but some days I want nothing to do with doing dishes and creating recipes. As much as we enjoy doing something, when it’s your job, you need a break! Grabbing a bar out the fridge and hitting the road makes it easy for me to get a break from all the cooking and cleaning.

Way back when calories were more important to me than ingredients – I’d just grab whatever low calorie protein bar I could find. Then I’d wonder why I didn’t feel fueled or energized after. Most likely, those bars were filled with the wrong nutrients and artificial junk that just made me crash. Now that I’ve smartened up with food, the first thing I read on a protein/energy bar label is the INGREDIENTS! I also make sure the bar is non-GMO. I’m a very active person.. everyday I make sure to do something whether it’s hike, walk, Peleton ride, yoga, or the gym.. which means I need those superfoods, protein, and complex carbs that the Perfect Bar gives you.

If you’d like to purchase your own Perfect Bars – click here and get free shipping off your first purchase using code PERFECTSHIP17. You can also find them at Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and many other grocery stores.

Feel free to comment with what your “perfect” day consists of! Whether it’s as simple as my time spent outside with my husband and pup enjoying good food or a boozy brunch (I like those days too sometimes), hitting the beach, or binge watching Netflix.. we all have our own idea of perfect!


xo Mandi

Thank you Perfect Bar for sponsoring this post! 🙂


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