Hi, I’m Mandi!

dash of mandi about me 

I’m a twenty something-year-old jersey girl living in Austin, Texas with my husband and our pup. I created Dash of Mandi to share my wholesome, easy and satisfying recipes. As well as my balanced lifestyle. My goal here is to inspire people to cook more despite their busy and chaotic schedules. I love spending hours in my kitchen, experimenting and creating new recipes (even if it looks like a bomb went off in my apartment by the end of the day). Most of my recipes are customizable to fit those certain diets. I want everyone to feel free to reach out to me about substitutions to make any of my meals fit your specific dietary needs. There’s a recipe on this page for everyone to enjoy!

My passion for health and cooking actually comes from a very unhealthy past of mine. In high-school and a few years after that, I was obsessed with my weight and counting calories. I was more focused on what I looked like on the outside than how I felt on the inside. I wasn’t consuming nearly enough of the nutrients that I needed in a day. If I ever indulged, I was overwhelmed with guilt. Eventually, I realized this wasn’t a healthy lifestyle for me at all. I was always tired, lacked ambition, and I just felt “blah” from lack of nourishment.

I’ve come a very long way since those days. Now I’m a firm believer in eating real, whole foods that fuel and energize me. I believe in everything in moderation. No food guilt over here! My approach is no longer about seeing a low number on the scale, it’s about fueling my body with the right food to feel good both mentally and physically. I love eating “clean” but I also love a glass (or bottle) of wine and a burger on the weekend.

These recipes are for busy moms, people hustling that 9-5 job, students, newly weds, families.. there is a recipe on this blog to fit anyone’s schedule. Happy cooking!