Air Fried Onion Rings

Crispy and “better for you” air fried onion rings – a quick and easy snack that goes great with some delicious comeback dipping sauce!

Crispy Air Fried Onion Rings - Dash Of Mandi

The other day I randomly got a strong craving for some crispy onion rings. Then I figured, why not make them in my air fryer? I’m always looking for new ways to use mine. I tend to mostly make brussels sprouts, fries, cauliflower gnocchi and fried pickles in there. I plan on sharing more air fryer recipes on here because it’s by far my favorite gadget. If you’re on the hunt for a good air fryer – click here for mine. It would make a great Christmas gift for the cook in your life.

Air fried healthier onion rings

Some of my other favorite air fryer recipes:

Healthier fried pickles

Cauliflower gnocchi

Loaded fries

Brussels sprouts with dijon aioli

Anyway, more about this recipe! It did take me a few tries to get this one right. At first, I tried to make it super healthy by using almond and coconut flour. Then I tried almond meal instead of breadcrumbs. As well as Trader Joe’s gluten-free rice crumbs. The crust just felt apart with these methods and the texture wasn’t very crispy.

So, good ol’ fashioned flour (or all purpose gluten-free flour) and breadcrumbs (also can get gluten-free ones if needed) will have to do! It’s all good – they’re still much healthier than the deep fried ones you’d get at a restaurant.

Air Fried Onion Rings | Dash of Mandi

Now let’s move on to what’s really important. What to dip them in. I made my take on comeback sauce which I’ll list in the recipe notes. This is my go-to when I need a delicious homemade dipping sauce. I also have it in this recipe paired with my everything crusted chicken fingers. I would also suggest ketchup, honey mustard, BBQ sauce, ranch – you can’t go wrong with any of those yummy choices.

This recipe is so easy. And very quick to cook thanks to the air fryer. The longest part is the breading part.. but it’s not hard at all. If anything a little tedious but once you get a bite of that crunchy onion ring.. you’ll know it’s all worth it.

Onion rings In The Air Fryer

Feel free to comment or e-mail me any air fryer recipes you’d like me to create 🙂 I’m always looking for new ideas!

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Air Fried Onion Rings



1 large yellow onion, sliced 1/2-inch thick and separated into rings

1.5 cups panko breadcrumbs or regular/gluten-free breadcrumbs, I prefer panko but both work!

about 1/2 cup flour or all purpose gluten-free flour

2 eggs

1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk, or milk of choice (just make sure it’s not flavored)

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp paprika

1/2 tsp oregano

salt to taste

cooking spray  


In a shallow bowl, add flour and paprika. Mix to combine.

In a second shallow bowl, whisk your eggs and milk.

And finally in a third shallow bowl combine the breadcrumbs, olive oil, salt and oregano. Mix to combine.

One by one dip the onion sliced rings in the flour mixture, then the egg mixture, then the flour mixture again, and the egg mixture again. Dip off any excess egg. Then toss them in the breadcrumb mixture.
Spray basket with cooking spray and place onion rings in a single layer in the air fryer basket.
You can’t stack them and need some space between them so you will probably have to work in batches. However, you can put smaller onion rings inside the bigger ones.
Spray the rings with cooking spray.
Cook at 380 degrees F for 10-12 minutes or until they’re crispy.
Enjoy with your favorite dipping sauce!


How to make the comeback sauce

Combine 1/2 cup mayo, 1 tsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp ketchup, 1 tsp worcestershire sauce, 2 tsp hot sauce, pinch of dried mustard,  pinch of garlic powder, pinch of paprika, and salt and pepper to taste. 

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    Recipe rating


    Logan rattan

    LOVE this recipe! Made it the first week i got my airfryer and it was so simple and delicious.

      Amanda Hickman

      Hi Logan! Yay I’m so glad you liked them 🙂 welcome to the air fryer club.