Dairy & Gluten Free Mac & Cheese

Four ingredient dairy & gluten free mac and cheese using Trader Joe’s cashew fiesta dip and a few other simple ingredients!

Dairy and gluten free mac and cheeseDairy & Gluten Free Mac And Cheese - Dash Of Mandi

I’m all about an easy dinner that consists of just a handful of ingredients. I’m sure a lot of people believe food bloggers have gourmet dinners every night. While I can only speak for myself. I can promise that is far from the truth over here.

Here’s a few reasons why; I’m usually very sick of not so much cooking but the clean up after a day of blog recipes and shoots. It’s more exhausting than you’d think! Also, for financial reasons. I don’t want to make a gourmet and heavy ingredient meal after what I purchase for my blog. Even though it’s considered a “business expense” I still eat it all! I try to be intentional with my recipes. Very few can’t be re-heated for leftovers. If they can’t I’ll try to eat it right after I shoot the recipe. That being said, a lot of our dinners are random spread of whatever I made for the blog that week. Or a super simple, minimal ingredient meal. Usually with ingredients from Trader Joe’s.

Four IngredEasy dairy and gluten-free mac and cheese ingredientsient Mac N Cheese

Trader Joe’s cashew fiesta dip is my jam. You can find it by the hummus and other refrigerated dips! I usually heat it up and eat it with the plantain chips. However, it also makes a great cheese sauce mixed with some non-dairy milk. Please, whatever you do, DO NOT get vanilla non-dairy milk. Unsweetened and unflavored only. I’ve also used the cashew fiesta dip to make “cheesy” baked cauliflower.

Some other minimal ingredient Trader Joe’s recipes you’ll love:

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I use Banza chickpea shell pasta for this recipe! Trader Joe’s has a lot of gluten-free pasta options as well. And if you can also use regular noodles of course. Whatever floats your boat! I love the chickpea pasta because it has a lot of protein.

I hope you enjoy this dairy & gluten free mac and cheese! It’s perfect for those busy weeknight dinners as most of my Trader Joe’s recipes are.

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Dairy & Gluten Free Mac & Cheese



8 oz. box of Banza shell pasta or pasta of choice, cooked according to instructions and drained

6 oz. broccoli florets, lightly steamed

1 container of Trader Joe’s creamy cashew fiesta dip

1/3 cup non-dairy milk of choice, unsweetened

salt and pepper to taste

Optional: a sprinkle of nutritional yeast and/or pinch of garlic powder


In a large pot over medium heat add the cashew fiesta dip.

Whisk in the milk and add salt and pepper.

Add nutritional yeast and garlic powder if desired.

When the mixture is smooth and creamy add in the cooked pasta and broccoli.

Toss everything to coat.

Taste and adjust seasonings if need be.

Serve and enjoy!

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