Thai Chicken Wrap Meal Prep

Thai chicken wraps with a creamy cashew sauce and edamame make for the perfect, protein-packed lunch!

Thai Chicken Wraps

I could eat this lunch everyday! The wrap is loaded with thinly sliced roasted chicken, orange bell pepper, broccoli slaw (you can also use cabbage slaw), cilantro, chopped green onion, and chopped cashews. The cashew dipping sauce is a MUST. I make it and put it on the side to keep the wrap from getting soggy. Then of course some edamame with sea salt for some extra added protein.

I used Tumaro’s 8 inch 9 grain with chia wraps. They are SO good and filling. I found them at Central Market. One wrap is 5 grams of net carbs and loaded with fiber.

thai chicken wrap set up

thai wrap meal prep

thai cashew sauce

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Thai Chicken Wrap Meal Prep



1 cup cooked chicken breast, cut into thin strips

1/2 cup broccoli slaw or cabbage slaw

1 bell pepper, thinly sliced

2 tbsp chopped cilantro

2 green onions, chopped

3 tbsp roughly chopped cashews

3 8inch wraps

1 cup shelled edamame with sea salt to taste

Thai Cashew Dipping Sauce

1/3 cup creamy cashew butter

2 tbsp coconut aminos or soy sauce

1 tbsp rice vinegar

1/2 tsp ground ginger

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1 tbsp fresh lime juice

crushed rep pepper flakes to taste, optional

salt and pepper to taste


Lay out your wrap and fill it with 1/3 of of the chicken, bell pepper, broccoli slaw, cashews, cilantro, and green onion. Fold into burrito (I tuck the sides in then bottom top top) then cut in half. Feel free to secure with a toothpick or two if they seem like they will fall apart easily, this depends on the wrap you’re using!

Do this with all 3 wraps/wrap ingredients and add to meal prep containers.

Prep your cashew sauce by combining all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. You can blend the ingredients in a blender if you prefer, but I just mixed them together and it combined just fine. Evenly divide the sauce into 3 little sauce to-go cups with a lid and add to your meal-prep box.

Add 1/3 cup edamame to each container and sprinkle with some sea salt.

Refrigerate until ready to eat!

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