Trader Joe’s Fall Charcuterie Board For Two

Here’s how to make the most delicious and festive Trader Joe’s Fall charcuterie board for two. Perfect for date night at home!

Here's how to make the most delicious and festive Trader Joe's Fall charcuterie board for two!

2020 is the year of date night at home! We have had tons of at home date night inspired meals, wine and cocktails. I know more and more places are opening. However, I’m still all for staying home sometimes. Pajamas, the couch, and the dog can join. You can’t beat it some nights.

I love making mini charcuterie boards when doing an at home date. It goes perfectly with wine. Also, no cooking required which means no dishes! You can customize them a number of ways. But, this fall themed one is my new favorite for the season.

Trader Joe's Fall Charcuterie Board - Dash Of Mandi

I love getting meats and cheeses from Trader Joe’s because you cannot beat the price! I always look for the smallest cheese since they go by weight. Unless I’m hosting I don’t feel a need to buy a huge block of cheese. Plus, I like having at least two different cheeses on there. The salami is under $3. I only use a small portion of it for each board. Use the left-overs for my Italian hoagie-dilla.

Some other fall items I threw on this board were sliced pear, pomegranate seeds, pumpkin crisp crackers, pumpkin butter, and maple almonds. I threw some sage leaves in there for aesthetics. For the cheese, I used cinnamon dusted toscano and autumn chimay. It was the perfect balance for this charcuterie board.

I hope you enjoy this Trader Joe’s fall charcuterie board for two! Pour a glass of wine and enjoy 😊😉

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Trader Joe’s Fall Charcuterie Board For Two


Creamy toscano cheese dusted with cinnamon, cut into small cubes

Autumn chimay, cut into small cubes

Salami slices

Maple almonds

Pumpkin cranberry crisps

Sliced pear, squeeze lemon on it to keep it from browning

Pomegranate seeds

Pumpkin butter

Sage leaves for garnish, optional


Assemble your board using a portion of each item (enough for two people)

Serve and enjoy!

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