Five Reasons Why I Started A Food Blog

I didn’t just wake up one morning and say “hey I wanna start a food blog.” It was actually a few years of thinking about it and a few hobbies coming together. It made sense, but I wasn’t sure because I read a few articles somewhat talking me out of it. My food story/body image past has a huge impact on my food blog & passion. I’ll save that story for another day. For now, let’s start with the basics.

1.To inspire others
There is one main reason behind my food blog – and that is to inspire people to eat real, wholesome meals. With real ingredients – no fake shit. I used to live off lean cuisines, diet coke and 100 calorie packs and there’s no nutrients in that stuff. It doesn’t make you feel good. I also know people have busy lives so I try to keep my recipes simple and time friendly.

I don’t count ANYTHING. I used to obsess over counting calories. I also didn’t feel my best. I focused on the quantity of my food rather than the quality. Now if I want pizza, I’m going to eat pizza. But, my body also craves a healthy smoothie or a huge salad because it knows it’s good for it. I listen to my body, and I have no restrictions. Balance is key and what I’m all about.

2. I like to cook
Ok, this one is pretty obvious. But, this was something I just started to like maybe four years ago. Living with my parents there was never a need to cook, I’d eat what my mom made or went to get food out. Then when I met my husband, we would eat out ALL the time. It was insane the amount of money we wasted. Also, it wasn’t the healthiest options all the time (or never). When we got engaged and moved to Texas together, I knew it was time to get it together. I went from eating out everyday to Martha Stewert real quick. We still love eating out, but not all the time like we used to. When I actually gave myself the chance to cook, I realized I loved it. I loved throwing things together and making it my own recipe. I always hear people say “I can’t cook.” But, everyone can cook! Like Julia Child said “if you can read, you can cook.”

3. My love for photography
I’ve always loved taking pictures. I got my first “fancy” camera about five years ago and just recently upgraded. I also love editing pictures – just anything with photography interests me. I’ve considered photography as a career many times, but with time I realized weddings or portraits might not really be my thing. It’s more of a hobby for me, but it also plays a big role in food blogging. I eat my dinner’s cold most nights because of the time I spend photographing it.. but it’s worth it!

4. I like to write
When I was little I would write books.. no lie, full blown books with a table of contents, chapters and everything. Writing has always been something I loved, but I neglected it for a while. I still haven’t fully gotten back into it, I would love to write and publish a book one day – but one thing at a time. Blogging and writing go hand in hand so this is another way for me to utilize another hobby/passion of mine.

5. To have a creative outlet
If you’re a creative person, I believe having some sort of creative outlet is important. It doesn’t have to be a blog or business. But, carving some time out to get creative and do what you love is a must. Being creative gives me a sense of purpose, and I’ve heard other people say the same thing. It’s a mood booster and stress reliever, it just makes me happy.

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