Frozen Mango Turmeric Margaritas

Frozen mango turmeric margaritas are the easiest frozen summer drink made with only real ingredients and turmeric making it as healthy as cocktails can get!

healthy frozen mango margarita

There is nothing I crave more this time of year than a margarita. In any form.. frozen, on the rocks, spicy.. I want them all the time in this Texas heat. Click here to find the recipe for my spicy watermelon margaritas which are another one of my favorites!

This frozen mango turmeric one is so refreshing and easy. Literally all it consists of is silver tequila (I use Dulce Vida), ground turmeric, frozen mango chunks and lime juice. And a chili salt rim if you’re feelin’ fancy. No added sugars, sweeteners, funky mixers. Just the good stuff. You can even muddle some jalapeΓ±o on the bottom of your glass before adding the frozen margarita if you prefer them spicy.

This drink would also make an amazing mock-tail.. you don’t need to add tequila to enjoy this delicious combo πŸ˜‰

Frozen Mango Turmeric Margarita

This cocktail is about as healthy as it gets (for a cocktail that is), made with only real ingredients. With the added turmeric it not only gives it an amazing orange color but it also gives it a ton of health benefits.

Some health benefits of turmeric:
– has anti-inflammatory properties
-improves digestion
-boosts immune system
-improves skin health
-detoxifies the liver (something we can all use help with when drinking some cocktails)
-helps control diabetes
-helps prevent arthritis

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Frozen Mango Turmeric Margaritas



23 oz. silver tequila, or more/less to taste

1 tsp ground turmeric

2 cups frozen mango chunks

juice of 1 lime

chili powder and salt for the rim

jalapeno slices, optional


First, make your chili salt rim by taking a lime wedge and gently rubbing it on the rim of your 2 glasses. Mix some chili powder and salt on a small rimmed plate and carefully dip each glass in the mixture and twist to fully coat.

Muddle 1-2 jalapeno slices in each glass if you’re making them spicy.

In a blender combine mango chunks, lime juice, tequila and turmeric. Blend to combine. If you don’t have a high powered blender you may have to blend the frozen mango in batches.

Pour the blended margarita in each glass and enjoy!

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