Three Summer Cocktails Using Trader Joe’s Mixers

Three insanely easy cocktails you can make using Trader Joe’s products as mixers that are perfect for the summertime heat!

Trader Joe's Cocktails

This time of year there are few things better than a refreshing, ice cold cocktail! I was getting sick of my same old drink which inspired me to think of a few others to add to my rotation. I was at Trader Joe’s and found a few new products; blueberry lemonade sparkling water, fresh watermelon juice – and I knew I had to create a few easy cocktails and share them with you!

The three cocktails below are: spicy limeade margarita, vodka blueberry lemonade, and a watermelon lime tequila splash (this is like the easier version of my watermelon margaritas)

So, unlike my food recipes – I completely eye ball my drinks and I’m leaving measurements up to you. Don’t let anyone tell you how much tequila to put in your drink 😉 I personally aim for a shot to a shot and a half per drink, but that’s just me! You can also totally make these into mocktails.

I know some states are blessed enough to have Trader Joe’s that carry the actual liquor – but here in Texas we don’t have that luxury. So, I had to get those at the liquor store. I like using Tito’s for vodka and Dulce Vida for tequila! Feel free to use your favorites. 

Spicy Limeade Margarita:
2-3 slices of jalapeno
lime slice for garnish
chile lime seasoning for rim, optional
tequila to taste
2 parts lime sparkling mineral water
1 part organic jalapeno limeade

First, make your chile lime rim by taking a lime and rubbing it against the rim of your glass. Carefully, dip your glass onto a small plate with chile lime seasoning and twist the glass until the rim is coated.. Muddle your jalapeno slices, add ice and tequila, lime mineral water, and limeade.

Jalapeno Limeade Drink
Trader Joes Chile Lime seasoning
Jalapeno Limeade Tequila Drink

Vodka Blueberry Lemonade:
1/2 lemon, juiced
lemon slice for garnish
blueberries for garnish, optional
vodka to taste
blueberry lemon sparkling water

Add ice to your glass, then add vodka, sparkling water, and fresh squeezed lemon. Garnish with lemon slice and blueberries.

Vodka Blueberry Lemonade
Vodka Blueberry Lemonade Splash

Watermelon Lime Tequila Splash
1 part cold pressed watermelon juice
1 part lime sparkling mineral water
juice of 1/2 a lime
tequila to taste
2-3 jalapeno slices, optional
pink himalayan sea salt for rim, optional

First, make your sea salt rim by taking a lime and rubbing it against the rim of your glass. Carefully, dip your glass onto a small plate with pink sea salt and twist the glass until the rim is coated. Muddle jalapenos if you are making it spicy. Top with ice. Add tequila, lime juice, lime mineral water and watermelon juice.

Watermelon Lime Tequila Splash
watermelon juice
Watermelon Tequila Cocktail
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