Current Trader Joe’s Favorites

All of my current Trader Joe’s favorites – everything delicious from the freezer section, pantry staples and everything in between!

So, I recently had a memory on Instagram that popped up from two years ago. It was a post of myself out front of Trader Joe’s and it was letting my audience know I had a blog post of my current Trader Joe’s favorites! Well, a lot has changed since then. But, obviously what has not changed is my love for Trader Joe’s 😉

It seems like Trader Joe’s gets new products in weekly, which is what makes it so fun. I figured it was about time to gather up my current Trader Joe’s favorites in a one stop blog post. Since it’s Fall it seems like the best time to do this. There’s so many great seasonal products out now. So, go ahead and make a grocery list and head to your local TJ’s!

Freezer Section:

Sweet potato gnocchiclick here for my favorite recipe using this. It comes in a butter sage sauce that is unbelievable. Trust me on this one.

Cauliflower gnocchi click here for my blog post for how to cook it (3 different methods) and all the recipes I use it with. This is such a cheap and easy dinner! I always have 1-3 bags in my freezer.

Mini cilantro chicken wontons – drop a few of these in some broth (the TJ’s miso ginger broth is best with these) for what I call “lazy wonton soup”

Red Argentine shrimp – the only frozen shrimp I buy anymore. They almost taste like lobster – AMAZING. some recipes to make using them: shrimp street corn tacos, shrimp waldorf salad, shrimp sushi bowls with cauliflower rice.

Mashed cauliflower

Cauliflower pancakes – a great addition to breakfast! We make them with eggs and breakfast sausage or turkey bacon.

Cauliflower pizza crust – not bad for a healthier pizza alternative. Try my shrimp scampi cauliflower crust pizza!

Butternut squash Mac n cheese – no it’s not healthy, but it’s freaking amazing.

Cauliflower Rice Stir Fry – this is a great healthy staple. I add coconut aminos, fried egg, and sometimes toasted sesame oil. You can even make it a full meal and add some protein like shrimp or chicken.

Gone bananas and gone berry crazy – perfect little bite to cure that after dinner sweet tooth.

Green tea mochi

Frozen fruit – so cheap and great for smoothies, I love the mango chunks and pineapple pieces for a tropical green smoothie.

Pantry Staples:

Pumpkin butter – a Fall favorite! It’s so good and I could put it on everything. I have a pumpkin cinnamon roll mug cake recipe on my Instagram feed that uses this!

Rosemary marcona almonds – amazing in salads or a great addition to a charcuterie board. Along with every other nut, Trader Joe’s has the best deals!

Gluten-free Norwegian crisp bread crackers – I eat these for breakfast or a snack all the time. With some smashed avocado and everything seasoning, delish! You can even slice up a hard boiled egg and add it on for extra protein.

Coconut aminos – what I cook with 100% of the time when I’m doing homemade Asian inspired meals. A healthy alternative to soy sauce. It’s by far the cheapest at Trader Joe’s.

Natural peanut butter – it’s crazy affordable and ingredients are literally just peanuts and salt!

Toasted sesame oil – another item I use a lot when cooking Asian inspired meals.

Thai red curry sauce – this is what I use on my Thai salmon recipe.

Rice crumbs – a gluten-free alternative to bread crumbs! I love cooking with them.

Chili lime seasoning – great way to spice up some chicken or shrimp!

Everything but the bagel seasoning – duh! Check out my everything stuffed chicken and everything coated chicken fingers.

Balsamic glaze – affordable and delicious

Red lentil pasta

Tomato and roasted red pepper soup – add your cooked cauliflower gnocchi to this for a delicious and easy gnocchi soup!

Almond meal – what I use to coat my “everything” chicken fingers!

Almond flour & all purpose gluten free flour

Olive tapenade – YUM. I love this stuff on sliced cucumbers or pita chips.

Organic spicy taco sauce – I use this in my beef taco skillet and it’s so good. Also, great for quick marinade for shrimp or chicken tacos.

Fat free balsamic vinaigrette

Hot & spicy dill pickle chips – great by themselves or use them for my air fried pickles!

Hot & sweet jalapeños

Blue cheese stuffed olives

Pumpkin cranberry crisps – one of my favorite Fall seasonal items. Needs to be on all of your holiday charcuterie boards.

Plantain chips – I get them every time I go to Trader Joe’s. The jerk ones are also great.

Organic elote corn chip dippers – they’re like healthier Frito’s with more flavor. OBSESSED.

Restaurant style tortilla chips – these are great for thick dips because they’re so sturdy.

Corn and Chile tomato-less salsa – with any of those chips above – YUM.

Tomatillo & roasted yellow chili salsa

Dried mango – I get the bag with no added sugar, such a delicious snack. I have a hard time not eating the whole bag.

Manuka honey – they have the best price here! So many benefits and it’s great for when you’re sick.

Maple pecan cookie mix – seasonal for fall/winter – SO GOOD. Stock up while you can.

Sprouted 7 grain bread

Sourdough bread

Biscottis – loving the pumpkin right now!

Pumpkin spiced pumpkin seeds – fall seasonal item. I love them in salads or on top of my butternut squash & apple soup.

Dark chocolate peanut butter cups – they’re like little bites of heaven.

Produce & refrigerated items:

Teeny tiny avocados

Japanese sweet potatoes – my favorite potato to make fries with! Click here for my loaded air fried Japanese sweet potato fries.

Cubed butternut squash – makes life easier!

Brussels sprouts – ok I know every grocery store has brussels sprouts but Trader Joe’s are BIG! I looove big Brussels sprouts. Especially with my crispy air fried ones with dijon aioli dipping sauce. Yum.

Spaghetti squash – Trader Joe’s is the only place (that I know of) that sells spaghetti squash at a set (I think it’s under $3) price instead of by weight. Get the biggest one you can find and it’s an amazing deal. Click here for my jalapeño popper stuffed spaghetti squash.

Cauliflower rice – although most grocery stores sell this now, I love Trader Joe’s because it’s chopped so finely. What I use in my cauliflower cheese bombs!

Apple Cider Drinking Vinegar – I love the strawberry & basil one!

Pumpkin butternut squash bisque – fall seasonal item – one of my favorites for when I want a quick lunch.

Bagged southwestern chopped salad

Broccoli and kale slaw

Green goddess salad dressing

Reduced guilt spinach and kale dip

Chocolate hummus – so good with apples or strawberries.

Buffalo hummus

Cashew fiesta dip – heat it up and eat with plantain or tortilla chips! Or make my dairy-free “cheesy” baked cauliflower!

Caramelized onion dip

Bacon cheddar ranch dip

Goat cheese – the cheapest here! I love the one with dried blueberries on it.

Chicken andouille sausage – what I use when I make my cauliflower rice jambalaya or gumbo!

Sweet apple chicken sausage – I use this in my sweet potato sheet pan meal

Peppered uncured turkey bacon – favorite turkey bacon ever!

Raviolis – I love the sweet corn, burrata and basil one in the summer (with some pesto and blistered cherry tomatoes) and the honey roasted pumpkin ones in the fall!

Pre-made enchiladas – if you don’t feel like cooking, these are such a great option. Just throw them in the oven and you have dinner.

Cauliflower gratin – this is only sold during the holiday’s but it is SO good. If you’re hosting, this is a perfect side-dish you can just throw in the oven.


Candles – I’ve loved every scent I’ve gotten so far.

Hair mask – a great affordable option!

Peanut butter dog treats – June loves Trader Joe’s too 😉

Flowers and succulents – like most things at Trader Joe’s, just straight up affordable!

Wine – I’m not really a wine snob (however, coffee .. I am as snobby as it gets) so their cheap options are good for me!

Apple cider hand soap – Fall seasonal! Stock up!

Well, that about covers my current Trader Joe’s favorites. I hope this helps you navigate through the store. I know it can be a bit overwhelming in there sometimes with all the new products. However, if you know what’s good I think it should make it easier! Comment and let me know your favorite products!

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