Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Shrimp

Crispy air fryer lemon pepper shrimp served with cocktail sauce! This air fryer recipe is quick, easy and makes for the perfect appetizer.

Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Shrimp

Shrimp in the air fryer is a huge game changer. Especially, crispy fried shrimp like these! They cook perfectly. Also, the air fryer cooks everything so quickly! These lemon pepper shrimp dipped in some cocktail sauce is a match made in food heaven. I’m drooling just thinking about eating them again.

Lemon pepper fried shrimp

This recipe just calls for a handful of ingredients. The lemon pepper seasoning is what really makes the flavor pop. I get mine at Trader Joe’s. However, most stores should sell this. McCormick makes it too. It should be very easy to find.

What you need for this recipe:

  • shrimp
  • panko breadcrumbs
  • eggs
  • lemon pepper seasoning
  • garlic powder
  • paprika
  • cocktail sauce
  • lemon slices
  • salt
  • non-stick spray

This air fryer lemon pepper shrimp recipe would make for a great appetizer. But, it also makes a great easy week-night dinner paired with a salad or some veggies! I use Trader Joe’s frozen red Argentine shrimp. But, if you can get some fresh shrimp it would be even better!

air fryer lemon pepper shrimp - dash of Mandi

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Speaking of air fryer recipes, an air fryer makes an amazing holiday gift! I use mine almost every day. I recommend the Crux.

I hope you enjoy this air fryer lemon pepper shrimp recipe!

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Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Shrimp



1 lb. shrimp, peeled & deveined
1 cup panko breadcrumbs
2 eggs
1 tsp lemon pepper seasoning
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp paprika
salt to taste
lemon wedges for serving
cocktail sauce for serving


Preheat the air fryer to 380 degrees F.

Pat dry the shrimp and set aside.

In a shallow bowl, whisk together the eggs. Then in another shallow bowl mix together panko, lemon pepper seasoning, garlic powder, paprika and salt.

Take each shrimp and dip into the egg then the panko mixture to fully coat the shrimp.

Spray the air fryer basket with non-stick spray and place each shrimp in the basket with some space in between. You may have to cook the shrimp in batches depending on the size of your air fryer.

Spray the shrimp with non-stick spray and cook at 380 degrees F for 4 minutes, spray the shrimp again then cook them on the other side for 3-4 more minutes or until they are crispy.

Serve with cocktail sauce and lemon wedges.

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